NiteHawk Pediatric Urgent Care

Small Business. Big Ideas.

You never seem to have enough time during business hours. This was the idea behind NiteHawk's unique business model for pediatric services; meant to flex around the parents schedule with unique (and extremely helpful) after-work business hours.

So, with out-of-the-box thinking comes out-of-the-box marketing materials and user interaction (along with a webpage, app, and full interior design with one of our closest partners).

Inside each of the doctor's rooms there was a magnetic wall holding magnets of one of the companies mascots; a monkey, a bear, a penguin and a tiger. With the NiteHawk app designed by us the user could go into a special Augmented Reality Page and trigger a custom made animation featuring the animal on the wall. The idea came as a way to connect the kids to a positive experience to their doctor, and to keep the reinforce the brand imagery with the parents. While the business side of it is good and built on solid principals, we think the real hero of the situation was the fun that the kids were having.