We're here to create content to...

...connect to your customers

...connect to your brand

We're here to create content to...

...connect to your employees

We're here to create content to...

...connect to new business

We're here to create content to...

Keep it Nimble.

We work directly with you, & without the red tape.

Let us create your brand story, develop your brand strategy & be your creative development team.

We believe in relationships and treasure your feedback to deliver on expectations; so we provide real marketing to accomplish that. Sometimes it's traditional, sometimes is really, really not.

We love doing cool stuff, and doing cool stuff that makes sense with your brand is our biggest goal. Working with us means you're working directly with the heads of the agency to insure that you're getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning and Portfolio Strategy.

Identity Development

Identity Development that represents where you are now and where you want to go.

Web Content

Web design – that communicates who you are and how you relate to others.

Client Growth

Relationship Building through Digital Communication.

In-House Animation & Design

Video and Animation to build your story, connect and make the sale!

Customer Interaction

Creating content for your Social Media and E-Campaigns.

We have 50+ years of combined experience in all aspects of brand marketing, strategic and content development - with each team member bringing unique experience and perspective to each and every request.

Sarosh Nayar

Founder and CEO

Holds an MBA in Marketing from Columbia Business School. After 10 years large corporate experience in building brands like Marlboro, Fritos, Lays, Delta Sky Miles Credit Card, Sarosh let his entrepreneurial spirit set sail.  Current owner of 4th largest FastSigns in the world, as well as Persuasive Pixel where he has served clients like Samsung build their business

Neil Birdett

Creative Director

Possesses the rare ability to combine unparalleled talent in the digital creation arena with an understanding of brand development and strategy.  Has provided solutions for over 10 years to companies such as Samsung HP, American Airlines, Texas Instrument,  Dallas Zoo, and the City of Dallas,

Gina Fawcett

Business Development

Holds an MBA in Marketing from The Stern School of Business, NYU.  Spent 10 years in corporate America working on New Product Development, Promotions, Advertising, New Equities, Rewards programs, and events for one of the biggest brands in the world.  Then turned her attention towards marketing  consulting and event execution, as well as non-profit management.


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